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Due to the situation with COVID-19 we are currently closed. We hope to be able to resume classes in April 2021.


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Music Together

Music Together is an internationally recognized early childhood music programme for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and their parents or caregivers. First offered to the public in 1987, it pioneered the concept of a research-based, developmentally appropriate early childhood music curriculum that strongly emphasizes and facilitates adult involvement.

Our classes are designed for mixed age groups (newborns to five year olds). Younger children enjoy watching and imitating older ones; older children learn by leading younger ones. Each child participates at his or her own level. The children are free to participate, or not, in any manner which suits them that day. Some may choose to sit and watch, absorbing the rich musical environment, while others may choose to move and sing.

Classes are with parents; both are welcome.  (only 1 parent per child for Fall Term 2020 due to Corona requirements)

Maximum number of children: 12   (maximum 8 parents for Fall Term 2020 due to Corona requirements)
Class duration: 45 minutes
Language: English
Age: 0-5

Basic Principles of the Music Together Philosophy

  1. All children are musical;
  2. Therefore, all children can achieve basic music competence, here defined as the ability to sing in tune and move with accurate rhythm;
  3. This growth is best achieved in a playful, developmentally appropriate, non-performance-oriented learning environment that is musically rich yet immediately accessible to the child's - and the adult's - participation; 
  4. The participation and modeling of parents and caregivers, regardless of their musical ability, is essential to a child's musical growth.



Our Kodály Class is especially developed for 5-8 year old's abilities and needs. Class complements and prepares for formal music instruction and school-based music education, and gives a foundation for a lifetime of music enjoyment. It include all the fun, creativity and quality you are looking for. Children will build life skills like leadership, decision-making, and teamwork at the same time as building music skills.

Kodály's approach to music education is based on teaching, learning and understanding music through the experience of singing, giving direct access to the world of music without the technical problems involved with the use of an instrument. This approach is very effective with young children who will learn, unconsciously at first, all the musical elements, which musicians need, through playing and singing of musical games and songs.

Class is without parents.

Activities include: 

  • singing  (limited for Fall Term 2020 due to Corona requirements)
  • vocal development
  • solo and ensemble experiences
  • music reading
  • circle games
  • chants
  • tonal and rhythm patterns
  • dance and movement
  • instrument play
  • improvisation

Maximum number of children: 12   (10 for Fall Term 2020 due to Corona requirements)
Class duration: 45 minutes
Language: English
Age: 5-8


Babies Class

Every child's music development benefits from early exposure to music and movement. Because the early years are so important, we offer two options for babies. They may attend a mixed-age class, whether registered on their own or attending with an older sibling. They may also be registered for the special 'Babies Class'. The music activities are specially designed for parents who want to learn as much as possible about music development in infants. You'll learn to recognize which of your baby's behaviors are musical so that you can support your child's development at the time the brain is at its most receptive.

The Babies Class has other benefits too. Singing and dancing with your baby is a beautiful way to bond. And making music with other parents is a great way to make new friends.

Class is with parents  (1 parent per child for Fall Term 2020 due to Corona requirements)

Maximum number of children: 12  (maximum 8 parents for Fall Term 2020 due to Corona requirements)
Class duration: 45 minutes
Language: English
Age: 0-8 months