Mariëtte Jansen
Katholische Gemeinde Deutscher Sprache Brüssel (Belgium)
Wednesday, 15:30 - 16:15
23/09/20 - 09/12/20 (11 weeks)

Our Kodály Class is especially developed for 5-8 year old's abilities and needs. Class complements and prepares for formal music instruction and school-based music education, and gives a foundation for a lifetime of music enjoyment. It include all the fun, creativity and quality you are looking for. Children will build life skills like leadership, decision-making, and teamwork at the same time as building music skills.

Kodály's approach to music education is based on teaching, learning and understanding music through the experience of singing, giving direct access to the world of music without the technical problems involved with the use of an instrument. This approach is very effective with young children who will learn, unconsciously at first, all the musical elements, which musicians need, through playing and singing of musical games and songs.

Class is without parents.

Activities include: 

  • singing  (limited for Fall Term 2020 due to Corona requirements)
  • vocal development
  • solo and ensemble experiences
  • music reading
  • circle games
  • chants
  • tonal and rhythm patterns
  • dance and movement
  • instrument play
  • improvisation

Maximum number of children: 12   (10 for Fall Term 2020 due to Corona requirements)
Class duration: 45 minutes
Language: English
Age: 5-8