Registration Policies


Corona Adjustments  

Due to Corona requirements our classes will be different from what you are used to. However, the key element - making music together - has not been compromised. We keep monitoring the situation closely to ensure a safe environment for all participants. In general we follow the recommendations offered by the Belgian and Dutch authorities as well as the World Health Organization.

Main adjustments:

  • Maximum number of families per class is 8 (due to social distancing)
  • Humming instead of singing, and more focus on rhythm, movement, and instrumental work as well as recorded music (due to aerosol transmission (may not apply to the Kodaly Class))
  • Different ways of using instruments and props (due to practical reasons and hygiene requirements)


Payment Policy

A place will be reserved up to the payment due date. If the payment has not been received by then, your seat can be released.

Refund Policy:

In the event that you need to cancel your registration, refunds will be granted as follows:

  • Two or more weeks prior to start of term: full refund
  • Less than two weeks prior to start of term: tuition less a €20 cancellation fee;
  • Within 48 hours of first class: tuition less a €30 cancellation fee
  • In between the first two classes: tuition less a €40 cancellation fee
    (if envelope with Family Set is returned unopened)
  • After the second class: no refunds will be given

Non-attendance does not constitute a withdrawal from class nor an exemption from payment. We are not able to offer tuition refunds unless we are informed of your request to withdraw. 
Compensation rules in case of a Government imposed lockdown:
  • The first two cancelled classes will not be compensated
  • Subsequent cancellations will be compensated by DingDong
Guest Policy
Child guests:
Due to the size of our classes, we cannot allow any unscheduled child guests or siblings. Please contact Mariëtte to make sure that there is room in the class before bringing a child guest or sibling. Not doing so may result in being turned away if the class will be overcrowded as a result. Overcrowding is unpleasant and can be unsafe for all participants. 
A family is allowed to bring a child guest or sibling once per term for free. After that a €15 fee will be charged.
Also, we don't allow children to stay in the hall on their own during class.


Adult guests:
Please do not bring any adult guests to class without prior consultation with Mariëtte.


Photo & Video Policy

Please refrain from taking photos or videos during class without prior consent. It is distracting for everybody to be engaged in photo-taking rather than music-making. Whenever a photo or video is taken, please make sure your child is the only child being photographed. We need to respect the privacy of everybody involved in the lessons.